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Welcome to

Drakes’ Glen Creations

the maker of

Toffee and Bark 



Company Overview

Our chocolate company started as a family-owned business making delicious artisan handcrafted chocolates back in 1999. Then in 2016 Sandra took a break from chocolate making and handed Drakes’ Chocolate to her son-in-law, the owner of Royal Cookie Capers.

In 2019 Sandra decided to make a comeback with the two items she loves to make… Toffee & Bark.  Due to organic certification rules, Drakes’ Glen Creations is only manufacturing Toffee and Bark chocolates. 

Sandra’s products are uniquely made by hand using all-natural organic ingredients.
Visit her new site to learn more.

Our New Line Of Chocolates

 Toffee & Bark 

Sandra is making new and exciting chocolate creations! These chocolate are made with all-natural ingredients. 

Past Chocolates…now made by Royal Cookie Capers under the Drakes’ Chocolate label. 

Drakes’ Chocolates are available in local stores in Humboldt County and on Drakes’ Chocolate website.